The Great Easter Egg Tasting Challenge

With Easter 2021 quickly approaching and every aisle in our local supermarket adorned with chocolate, we realised there was nothing left to do but set ourselves the biggest challenge of our lives... find the best Easter chocolate to pair with Pink Prosecco.

With cheeky grins on our faces and our arms full of bags of tasty treats we hurried home to dig in. While the best laid plans often go awry, we knew this plan was a winner. It was going to be hard, this is for work we told ourselves, but inside we knew.. this is what life is all about.

So dear friends, if you want to know what Easter chocolate you must eat while drinking your Pink Prosecco this Easter, scroll on...

Pink Prosecco bottle with colourful chocolate Easter eggs

The winners

The Cadbury mini eggs were the standout favourite, a really well balanced combination that brought out some lovely strawberries and cream characters in the Pink Prosecco.

Following closely in second, third, and fourth place were the Cadbury Turkish Delight eggs, the Kinder mini eggs, and the M&M's eggs.

The Turkish Delight eggs really brought out some raspberry, blueberry characters in the Pink Prosecco and the rosewater character in the Turkish Delight was highlighted.

The Kinder mini eggs were so creamy with the Pink Prosecco. The raspberry characters really jumped out in the wine and the white chocolate layer of the Kinder created a creamy mouthfeel.

The M&M's eggs were a fun combo, they fizzed a little in the mouth and the chocolatey characters were really bold.

The Surprises

Cadbury Dairy Milk solid milk chocolate eggs. Wow now this was a real surprise and not at all what we expected. When paired with the Pink Prosecco, the chocolate took on a smoky, bushfire flavour. While not at all unpleasant, it was the most unexpected combo of the day.

Cadbury Peppermint Eggs. We left this combo until last as we thought there was no way it would pair well with the Pink Prosecco. The peppermint and chocolate really brought out the citrus characters in the wine. It was quite cleansing and a bit surprise to everyone.

The Honourable Mentions

The Mars milk chocolate eggs had a lovely caramel finish when paired with the Pink Prosecco.

The Cadbury Crunchy eggs made the Pink Prosecco quite syrupy with honey and maple characters accentuated.

The Malteser mini bunnies had nice honeycomb characters when paired with the Pink Prosecco.

The best Easter egg on it's own

While not the best combo when paired with Pink Prosecco, the Ferrero eggs were by far our favourite solo egg of the day. On their own these are nutty, soft, warm, smooth, and creamy. Fingers crossed the Easter bunny drops a few more bags of these off at our house on Easter morning.

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