We’ve changed, but only a little

We are so excited to introduce you to Hunter Wine Lab, our new name, and our new brand.

Just like any good winemaker would do, we’ve been reflecting on who we are and what we want our brand story to say about us and our wine.  While we love Gruppetto Vino and all it represents, we felt we had more to say and do.

We are small but mighty, love old world wines but are excited about trying newer varieties and styles, and have a deep passion for sharing our love of wine and winemaking. Our winery is not only the place we make our wine, but our source of peace, inspiration, and innovation.

When we think of the experience we want to provide you, Hunter Wine Lab is what we see.

Hunter Wine Lab, Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Hunter Wine Lab has been established to showcase the traditional fruits and wine making of the old world, along with the ingenuity and developments of the new world.

Our philosophy is to produce wines that are expressive of the true characters of the fruit and the terroir, with minimal intervention, whilst being enhanced by new world research and development.

The old world varietals of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon will form a major part of our product range to support our love of the old world, whilst new world varietals, in particular those of Italian derivation, Prosecco (in Rosé style), Vermentino, Verdicchio, Aglianico, Sangiovese, will bring a fun, fresh look supporting innovation.

We will maintain old world techniques like open fermentation, and hand and feet plunging, to treat the product with respect, whilst enhancing the development and expression of our product with innovative techniques like blending and aeration, and use of heritage yeasts and organic finning products.


Our Logo

Our logo is a representation of our lived experience in the wine industry. Each vertical brush stroke represents one of our three pillars of good wine.


Wine made well is a true representation of the terroir of the fruit. Terroir is a French word used to describe a wines ‘sense of place’ and encompasses the environmental conditions in which the grapes are grown. It is our purpose to bring a true expression of the fruit to each bottle of wine we produce.


This is our happiest place, the place where we feel true peace, excitement, and passion. Where we get our hands dirty, dream big dreams, and craft wines we are truly proud to share.


It is our love of the Hunter Valley and of good wine that gives us the drive to get up each morning and do what we do. Making wine combines love, passion, science, knowledge, and technique. Just like a good wine changes in the bottle over time, so do the methods and techniques used to create it. Our passion for learning and innovating is combined with our greatest respect for the tradition of winemaking and is the reason we are proud to share our wines with you.

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